1993 Jaguar XJR-S Converible LHD


Axle Configuration 1993
Mileage 35,000 miles
Exterior Colour Signal
Interior Trim Cream
Transmission Automatic



Launched in 1992, the 6.0 XJR-S has to be one of the greatest Jaguar icons ever created; the ca. 330hp power unit ensured effortless acceleration matched with peerless refinement when cruising, Many of the XJR-S features and characteristics definitely gave an indication as to the direction with which Jaguar Sport intended to promote future projects, As testimony to its sporting capability, a larger capacity electric radiator fan was fitted, as was a special sump pan and internals, to stop oil starvation on fast corners. To support the performance, up-rated brakes, previously an option on TWR Jaguars, were standard on XJR-S. Wheels changed to "Aerosport" 8"x16" Tyres changed from Dunlop D40's to Goodyear Eagles and Bilstein shock absorbers re-valved to suit. With the revised body came a smoother front air dam, rear skirt, side skirts and rear spoiler. Our US supplied example, also benefits with rubber covered impact beams, integrated into the bumper mouldings. The luxury interior, finished in magnolia leather, is complimented by interior wood veneers of high contrast walnut sapwood. It was only US customers that were lucky to be offered XJR-S 6.0L and only 50 convertibles were exported to the USA. They were all were black or red, so this exceptional example is very rare indeed. Each was equipped with a silver numbered plaque on the dashboard and interestingly, our car is number 007 on this version.

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+49 (0) 2054-93987-0