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1965 Jaguar MK II 3.8 Manual With Overdrive

Axle Configuration 1965
Mileage 107,551 miles
Exterior Colour Opalescent Silver Blue
Interior Trim Sand
Transmission Manual



Unveiled in October 1959, the Jaguar Mark 2 developed from the success of the first monocoque saloon, the Mark 1. A raft of new features debuted on the Mark 2 in order to enhance the performance and safety of Jaguar’s compact sports saloon. A new dashboard layout featured as well as an increased windscreen size afforded by slimmer pillars allowing for greater visibility. In addition the race proven Dunlop disc brakes were now a standard fitment to all four wheels. Production of the Mark 2 lasted until 1967 when 83,701 had been manufactured, of which 27,848 were 3.8 litre cars. A variety of optional extras were available including power steering, automatic gearbox, opalescent paint and on the 3.8 litre a "Powr-Lok" differential, all of which enhanced the popularity of the Mark 2. This particular car was restored 25yrs ago and the condition today is testament to the quality of the restoration work. During the restoration the car was given a more up to date interior taken from a Jaguar XJ40. The rear seats being narrowed to fit. The car was completely re trimmed at the same time giving additional upgrades to aid usability for modern motoring such as the adjustable front seats with headrests for driver comfort. The styling of the car was enhanced with Coombs style rear arches and bullet mirrors. The car has been in the Jaguar Land Rover Collection since 2015 and has been used extensively, including taking part in the Great Wall Rally in China. Now available for sale this car is a beautiful example, made that bit more useable by the more modern additions.

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