1959 Jaguar XK150 OTS 3.4 ltr. "S"


Axle Configuration 1959
Mileage 54,716 km
Exterior Colour Black Solid
Interior Trim Biscuit-Black
Transmission Manual



ORIGINAL XK 150 S Open Two Seater (OTS) with 3.4 ltr. Engine LHD. The last model in the XK series before it was replaced by the E-Type with more space, more engine power and better brakes than its direct predecessor, the XK 140. This XK 150 OTS is a rare original "S" variant with a straight port cylinder head, 3-SU carburettors and overdrive. As a 3.4 liter engine with matching numbers for the chassis, engine block, gearbox and body. The cylinder head was replaced by a specialist workshop with a correct XK straight port head after damage. First delivered to Beirut in 1959, it was originally finished in Carmen Red with a Biscuit Red interior. This combination was changed over the course of its life to Black Solid on the outside with Biscuit Black on the inside. In 2007 the XK 150 S was imported to Europe and spent its life in Switzerland until 2010. The XK came to its second owner in Europe in Germany via a renowned classic car specialist. The current German owner is the 3rd in Europe since 2012. This XK 150 S has been regularly serviced, repaired without regard to cost and fortunately also regularly driven actively. A very extensive repair and invoice history is available. The condition of the body, interior and technology is excellent. A very rare opportunity to purchase a genuine left hand drive XK 150 S OTS. Price excludes local taxes which may be applicable.

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+49 (0) 2054-93987-0