Manufacture Year 1973
Mileage 85,216 miles
Exterior Colour Lincoln Green
Interior Trim Tan
Transmission Manual



The Range Rover "Suffix B" is somewhat of an elusive beast amongst the 1970's era vehicles in that it was only produced for approximately 12 months, where the other Suffix vehicles ran for a number of years, making it arguably the rarest of the early production Range Rover models. Visually very similar to the "Suffix A" cars, with painted C-pillars and the famous plastic ‘Kit Kat’ seats, the "Suffix B" was the start of the vehicles journey upmarket. A centre-tunnel carpet, fabric headlining, heated rear screen and rear screen wash/wipe were now a part of the standard offering. This vehicle is a very early example of a "Suffix B", exported from Solihull to Land Rover South Africa for assembly. The vehicle spent its time in South Africa being very well looked after prior to its return to the UK in 2018. It has never undergone restoration and is possibly one of the most original cars in existence. It wears an exceptional level of patina, whilst being in fine mechanical condition.

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+44 (024) 7656 6600