1996 Jaguar XK8 Coupé 4.0 Coupé LHD


Axle Configuration 1996
Mileage 29,922 km
Exterior Colour Antigua Blue
Interior Trim Oatmeal
Transmission Automatic



This Jaguar XKS is a favourite among GT fans, not least for its exceptional 4-valve V8 engine producing 284 hp. The combination of elegant and sporty looks makes it something very special. With its sporty leather interior and automatic climate control, this vehicle offers it owners a sense of luxury and is thus extremely suitable for long-distance driving due to its special comfort. This XK8 example is fitted with 18-inch, 7-spoke wheels which give an eye-catching appearance.

Ringstraße 38, 45219 Essen, Germany
+49 (0) 2054-93987-0
+49 (0) 2054-93987-0