1977 Daimler Series 2 Coupé RHD

Axle Configuration 1977
Mileage 91,000 miles
Exterior Colour Old English White
Interior Trim Russett Velour
Transmission Automatic



This rare example, of the beautiful and favourite of Sir William Lyons, Daimler Coupe, was manufactured on 5th November 1976. It was originally dispatched to the then, British Leyland dealer, G Mansbridge of Lincoln, with a list price of £4,898 including taxes. The Daimler Sovereign version of the XJC, was identified by a fluted radiator grill with the scripted ‘D’ badge in the centre. Our Daimler is finished in the traditional colour scheme of Old English White with Russet velour trim, and is also equipped with optional Kent Alloy wheels. The history of the car includes a comprehensive previous restoration and more recently, extensive recommissioning by our Classic Works Technicians at Ryton. A practical, classic Jaguar ready to be enjoyed and used.

Classic Works, Imperial Road, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3LF United Kingdom
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+44 (0)203 601 1255