Jaguar XK140 OTS - Matching Number & Color- Concours Zustand

Jaguar XK140 OTS - Matching Number & Color- Concours Zustand

Manufacture Year N/A
Mileage 250 km
Exterior Colour Pacific Blue
Interior Trim Blue
Transmission Manual



The XK140 was introduced in late 1954 and sold as the 1955 model. Exterior changes that set it apart from the XK120 included larger front and rear bumpers with roll-over protection and flashing turn signals above the front bumper. The grille remained the same size but became a one-piece cast unit with fewer and wider vertical struts. The Jaguar badge has been integrated into the grille surround. A chrome strip ran down the center of the hood and trunk lid. An emblem on the trunk lid read "Winner Le Mans 1951-3". The interior has been made more comfortable for taller drivers by moving the engine, firewall and dashboard forward to create 76mm more legroom. This makes the XK 140 significantly more manoeuvrable, even for people over 1.80 m tall. The XK140 is fitted with the XK 3.4 liter inline double overhead camshaft engine which delivers the quoted output as standard of 190 bhp (142 kW) gross at 5500 rpm. As with the XK120, wire wheels and dual exhausts were optional. Vehicles with the standard disc wheels had spats (fender skirts) over the rear wheel wells. This XK 140 offered here was built on December 17, 1954 in exactly this colour combination "Pacific Blue with Interior Blue / Top Blue and delivered to the USA importer Hoffmann, New York. Found in 2019 in good condition with matching numbers, very rare and very much preserved and has been fully nut and bolt restored. 1,800 hours were invested. Every single screw was taken in hand, all cavities opened, only body panels that could not be repaired were professionally removed and replaced with new ones, the wooden substructure of the doors etc. and the entire electrical system was renewed. Great care has been taken here to work just like the Jaguar factory did in 1955. Every detail is in its right place and only tin has been used instead of body filler to smooth the surfaces. A technique that only a few specialists can master and use today. The gap dimensions and the surfaces, the flat body panels speak for themselves here. There are 2 clear coats applied and additionally ceramic sealed. A classic in better than new condition with a beautiful and very rare original colour Pacific Blue. For more details please contact a member of our sales team from Essen.

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