1962 Jaguar MK II 3.8 ltr. Overdrive Matching Numbers

1962 Jaguar MK II 3.8 ltr. Overdrive Matching Numbers

Manufacture Year 1962
Mileage 31,930 km
Exterior Colour Mist Grey
Interior Trim Red
Transmission Manual



This beautiful MK II 3.8 ltr. was delivered new to Italy in 1962 finished in Mist Grey with a red leather interior. It spent a very sheltered life there until it came to Belgium in 2001 before being introduced to Germany in 2021. This MK II has Matching Numbers, Matching Colours and has never been restored. Always maintained with care, repainted in a few places, but has 70% original paint. The interior; including leather upholstery, wood and carpet is all original. The vehicle floor was ice blasted by Jaguar Land Rover Classic Essen 2 years ago. A completely rust-free underbody that was never welded came to light. A real sensation. Then all was resealed. The original engine and gearbox have been completely overhauled and perfectly adjusted. For this purpose, the cardan shaft was finely balanced last year. Throttle response, engine power delivery and handling at higher speeds is fantastic. A sensational original MK II complimented with black semi-matt coloured Competition wire wheels and AVON tyres with Coombs wheel arches for the wider rims and tyres. The MK II has almost the identical look of the famous COOMBS MK II racing touring car by John Coombs with the license plate BUY1. We have never seen an MK II with similar properties. An irretrievable time capsule of the elegant and sporty variety. Your unique opportunity to own a Matching Number and Colour MKII 3.8ltr. in as original a condition as possible. Local taxes may apply.

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+49 (0) 2054-93987-0