1964 Jaguar MK II 3.4 ltr. Overdrive - Restauriert

1964 Jaguar MK II 3.4 ltr. Overdrive - Restauriert

Manufacture Year 1964
Mileage 81,795 km
Exterior Colour Silver Grey Opalescent
Interior Trim Red
Transmission Manual



The MkII premiered in 1959 and was the fastest production sedan at the time. This beautiful Jaguar MKII was built in 1964 with a 3.4L engine and overdrive, and was delivered to the USA like most left hand drive Mk2s. In 2000 it came to Europe and was driven and serviced in the Netherlands until 2006. It came to Austria in 2006 and was completely dismantled by its new owner and restored at great expense. Cavities were opened, rusty sheet metal such as the underbody and sills were consistently removed and replaced with new ones. The interior has been completely renewed, the wooden dashboard has been refurbished and the technology has been completely overhauled. Many photos and receipts are available. A new and overhauled 3.4 ltr. against the worn 3.8 ltr. exchanged. The overdrive and the limited-slip differential were carried over from the existing powertrain. The now excellent body repainted in Silver Gray Opalescent. The vehicle was introduced to Germany in 2021 and, upon full acceptance by TÜV, was also given the H license plate approval. An EZ-Powersteering for a more pleasant handling when parking and at slow speeds was installed and the rear wheel arches were replaced by Coombs Spads for a coherent and sporty look. A stylish classic retro radio with modern technology and an original Moto Lita wooden steering wheel from British origin round off the dreamlike interior perfectly. To this day, the Jaguar MkII is one of the most beautiful and timeless sports sedans of all time. It is very difficult to find a very good example where the bodywork is healthy and fits perfectly, the interior is intact and the technology is fully functional. Here is one such specimen. Local taxes may apply.

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