1967 Land Rover Series 2A 109 Series 2A TAC-T Fire Appliance

1967 Land Rover Series 2A 109 Series 2A TAC-T Fire Appliance

Axle Configuration 1967
Mileage 5,924 miles
Exterior Colour Fire Signal Red
Interior Trim Black
Transmission Manual



A historically valuable and highly rare Land Rover Series 2A Fire Appliance. The TAC-T is 1 of 15 ever built by the Royal Air Force as an air field fire fighting vehicle. TAC-T stands for Truck, Aircraft Crash - Tactical. Designed to protect the jet vertical take-off aircraft "Harrier" away from paved runways. This special example offered here is the only complete, correct and roadworthy TAC-T in the world. It left the Solihull factory on the 3rd October 1967 and was delivered to the Central Army Vehicle Depot in Feltham on 1st November 1967. The Heritage Certificate is available and confirms this information. The TAC-T concept was developed as a "6x6" vehicle with a PTO driven trailer with an additional water tank. These 15 TAC-T Land Rovers were in service with the Royal Air Force until the mid-1980s and were subsequently auctioned off, as was usual with vehicles in government and army service. The lucky buyer kept the rare vehicle in his collection until it was acquired by a close friend in 2010 who carried out a "frame-off restoration" himself. Upon completion the TAC-T was then sold to yet another good friend in 2013; a Land Rover collector and enthusiast. An extensive and very detailed technical listing and drawings are additionally available with historic photos. With countless original details, its incredible rarity and in roadworthy condition, this vehicle would be a stunning edition to any collection.

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