2020 Land Rover Series One 80 Lights Behind Grill Pegasus

2020 Land Rover Series One 80 Lights Behind Grill Pegasus

Axle Configuration 2020
Mileage 57,161 miles
Exterior Colour Bronze Green
Interior Trim Green
Transmission Manual



This Land Rover is a 1950 Series One built in August 1949 for military issue and its war issue registration was 01BC90. Assigned to the British Airborne Forces as evident by the original Pegasus which was located on the front and rear of the vehicle. This has since been repainted post build. It entered service with the British Army on the 28th August 1949 under the Army Form General and was stored at the Royal Army Ordinance Corps Depot in Feltham, West London, until it was required for use. It was given a full military rebuild in 1961 and was decommissioned in September 1962 after which it was imported to the USA by its new keeper and first registered in California in February 1963. It was fully maintained throughout its life and stored in an airport hanger when not in use. It was purchased by Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in November 2015 and shipped back to the UK where it was selected to be part of the Land Rover Reborn programme. It was rebuilt as per the original specification painted in Bronze Green and trimmed in Green Vinyl. It includes a full set of mats, mirror pack, second windscreen wiper, battery maintenance charger with fitted connector and category 6 immobiliser and tracker. Its rebuild was completed in December 2019 and was first non-military UK registered in January 2020.

Classic Works, Imperial Road, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3LF United Kingdom
+44 (024) 7656 6600
+44 (024) 7656 6600